Globo TV grows in Europe

Iñaki Ferreras | 11-07-2012

The international division of Brazil’s largest national network, Globo TV, has embarked upon a series of meetings designed to bolster its presence within Europe.

That latest port of call has been Hungary and when in Budapest, Globo was keen to emphasise the range of soap operas and drama sold extensively throughout the region, according to Gabriel Rohonyi, sales executive of the company.

"We can say we had a strong presence in the region for many years," said Rohonyi. "Currently we have programmes to air in regions as diverse as Armenia, Poland and Albania. We have been in the region. Even with all the current changes [increased] local production and series from other places, we still have much importance in the region. We still have a guaranteed slot. We have a strong presence in the region and always aim to keep this position. "

Rohonyi said Budapest represents a good opportunity for Globo who is in talks with major players in the region, as well as customers. Particular productions on offer include River Of Destiny, which was nominated for International Emmy Award. And Foolish heart, which Rohonyi called a "super production".

While the telenovelas are still "very important" in terms of sales of Globe in Europe, the company has ventured into the region with other genres. Rohonyi highlighted some series that were licensed to Poland in 2011 and also pointed to documentaries picked up in Hungary and Poland. "We also have documentaries and series in the Balkans this year. Although we are recognised for our novels, and recognized as one of the best in the world, I think lately the other genres are becoming more important. "