Mexico claims fast DTT implementation

Iñaki Ferreras | 11-07-2012

Mexico’s Institute of Telecommunications Law has recommended measures designed to accelerate a seemingly stalling digital TV transition process.

The Institute claimed that that "there is no real effort or coordinated with industry to make the transition to digital television successful", cognisant of the analogue switch off date set for 31 December 2015. Many in the country regard the target as too ambitious, more expensive than originally conceived and needed a number of measures to achieve the aim.

Indeed the Radio and Television Broadcasters Network of Educational and Cultural de Mexico says it needs at least a sum of 8 billion pesos ($567 million) to complete the transition within the deadlines set by government authorities. The Institute of Telecommunications Law (IDET) has also questioned the lack of clear rules and proposed a series of measures to accelerate the process.

"As the digital television transition forward in the world, in Mexico just a gradual process was defined to carry out the analogue switch, same to be completed nationally for 31 December 2015," IDET stated.

According to IDET reports, by December 2011 only 13.2% of households had HDTV’s and states like Nuevo Leon and Chiapas have digital TV penetration of just 26% and 2% respectively, Thus says the institute, Mexico needs a realistic diagnosis of the penetration of digital TVs and measures to accelerate its entry.