Google’s YouTube is set to launch 13 channels in France, with producers including Endemol, Capa and auFeminin, in October.

The move is the video portal’s first move into Europe, with similar projects being worked on in Germany and the UK, according to a report in French newspaper Le Figaro. YouTube launched professional channels in the US last December.

In Europe, producers receive a minimum guarantee between €500,000 and €1million to create 20 hours of content a year. Content suppliers will also share in any advertising revenue on their channels. There are, however, certain condition attached including a period of exclusivity for YouTube.

Apart from established production hosues such as Endemol and Capa, YouTube also invited (relative) newcomers to the TV business. This includes for instance comedian Jean Dujardin, who will work on a comedy project.

The YouTube channels could generate serious audiences and hence serious money. In the US, the dedicated Madonan channel attracted 250 million views of a single programme, while a regular TV screening would bring in ten million viewers at the most