The next SES launch is scheduled for September 14, 2012, when an Ariane 5 booster will orbit the Astra 2F spacecraft.

Astra 2F is manufactured by Astrium and will be launched from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The satellite will be positioned at the 28.2 degrees East position, the main orbital slot for DTH broadcasting to the UK.

Ariane-5 flight VA209 will carry the Astra 2F satellite together with India’s GSAT 10 communications satellite into geostationary transfer orbit.

SES has moved the Astra 2F launch from Proton-M to Ariane-5 rocket. The satellite services company announced the move in a small note accompanying the press release about the successful launch of SES-5 on a Proton-M.

By moving to an Ariane 5 launch, SES can bring the service activation date of the Astra 2F forward to an earlier date.