Connected TV on verge of breakthrough in Germany

Joseph O'Halloran | 12-07-2012

TV sets with an Internet connection have spread among German households more quickly than most other new technologies.

Every fifth (21%) TV set used as the main set in a household has been a connected TV set in May 2012, according to a GfK study compiled for German industry association ZVEI.
By the end of the year, around 30% of German households will have Smart TV sets, as the devices are called locally.
According to the research, many Smart TV owners actually make use of the new possibilities of television: 59% of the devices are hooked up to the Internet and on 76% of those connected sets the online features are regularly being used.

The most popular content offerings are closely associated with television such as online videos, for example from YouTube or video-on-demand services like maxdome or LOVEFiLM.

Other popular features include watching TV shows missed during their initial TV broadcast on catch-up portals (locally called Mediatheken), information from multimedia teletext (HbbTV), weather reports and current news.