The Americas, MEA lead Q1 growth in global video ad spending

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 12-07-2012

Spending on advertising is on the rise around the globe and across media types, according to Nielsen, with television continuing to attract the majority of advertising dollars.
That said, Internet advertising saw the biggest increases, with advertisers spending 12.1% more in Q1 2012 than one year prior. During that time, ad spend overall increased 3.1% globally.
Dollars devoted to TV advertising grew 4% in North America, second only to outdoor, and a respectable 7.5% in Latin America. However, in the developing countries of the Middle East and Africa, the TV ad spend grew a whopping 33.8%.
Online, including online video, the ad spend was a bright spot for the industry, with growth around the globe. Growth was particularly notable in Europe (12.1%), Latin America (31.8%) and the Middle East & Africa (35.2%).
Then there's the movie theatre. In Asia Pacific, cinema grew 27.1%, offsetting the declines seen in Latin America and the Middle East and Africa.
By way of comparison, magazines saw a minor decline compared to last year, but newspapers actually grew 3.1%. In Latin America and Asia Pacific, both media grewó7.6% and 10.3%, respectively in Latin America, and 3.6% and 5.4% respectively in Asia Pacific. North America saw nominal declines in print ad spend.