Spanish pay-TV growth stalls

Iñaki Ferreras | 12-07-2012

Spain’s pay-TV market has ground to a halt: subscriber growth increased by just 0.7% in 2011 to eventually account for 22.8% of Spanish households according to the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT).
The report notes that fees paid by Spanish households represented the second largest revenue item in the audiovisual sector with 35.7% of total revenues and the only increase over the previous year.
The audiovisual sector, including television, radio and grants, billed as a whole last year a total of €6.4592 billion representing a decrease of 3.4% mainly due to falling advertising, down 10.1%. Revenues from pay-TV shares rose 2.8% €1.471.3 billion.
The CMT noted a boom in "converged communications operators", which offer TV services together with broadband or fixed line, over the year. In 2011, 52.6% of subscribers to pay-TV and 35.7% of subscription revenues corresponded to such operators.
However, by technology, satellite pay-TV remains the most number of subscribers with 38.9% of subscribers to paid services, followed by cable television, with 32, 4%; online TV with 20.2% ; pay DTT, with 8.5%.
Generally speaking, the audiovisual sector earned, excluding grants, sales of €4.125 billion s, representing an annual decline of 6.7%. Including government grants the total revenues decreased by 3.4% during the year, to 6.459.2 billion.
The overall decline in ad spending was, not surprisingly, attributed to the current economic crisis the country, Furthermore, CMT notes that "in line with developments in the last two years," the income from the pay per view events and video on demand decreased in 2011 by 32% and accounted for €42.1 million.