New social TV platform for Europe

Jörn Krieger | 14-07-2012

German second-screen service provider wywy has secured €2.5 million in fresh capital. With resources provided by Cipio Partners and other investors, the company aims to establish itself as the market leader in social TV.

As part of the transaction, wywy will acquire the majority stake in Cipio's portfolio company Idioma which specialises in broadcast TV monitoring and automatic detection technologies.

Idioma's products use the audio track in order to detect which channel a viewer is watching in real-time, thereby enabling services and formats set to turn TV viewing into an interactive experience. wywy's service is scheduled to go live in Germany and other European countries this summer.

The company wants to make use of the fact that a growing number of TV viewers use second-screen devices such as smartphones, tablet-PCs or laptop computers to interact with online communities while watching television.