Disney Channel France breaks audience record over six months

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 15-07-2012

Disney Channel France was the most-watched theme channel over six months in the cabsat and IPTV environment according to ratings by Médiamétrie.

Credited with 0.9% audience share for the first time over a period from January to June 2012, Disney Channel, up 0.2 % compared with the previous period, took the lead above RTL9, Téva, TV Breizh, Paris première and Canal + Sport that all broke even at 0.7 % audience share.

Médiamétrie's Médiamat Thématik measures TV audience among the 64% of French homes receiving complimentary pay-TV cable, satellite or IPTV offers. The total numbers of pay-TV viewers amount to 38 million individuals, or 14.2 million subscribing homes.

Competing with the new DTT channels, whose leaders are TMC and W9 (3% and 2.9% audience share), theme channels are enduring hard times. Over more than 100 studied channels, only 16 national historic or DTT channels reach more than 1% audience share.

Besides Disney Channel and the five following, Eurosport (0.6 %), Canal+ Family, Syfy Universal, Piwi + and 13 ème, all at 0.5% audience share, remain among leading theme channels.

However, a bulk of channels are credited with 0.2% audience share, including Sport +, Série club, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Junior, or Planete +.

Some 23 channels had less than 0.1% audience share like Vivolta, Voyage or Mezzo Live HD, which over four weeks attracted 425 TV viewers.