Peer presses on with PlayReady DRM to bolster content protection

Editor | 18-07-2012

To address new market segments and growing demand in particular the telecoms market, OTT technology solutions provider PeerTV has added Microsoft's PlayReady DRM to its content protection schemes.

Initially set to last for three years, the deal extends PeerTV's existing content protection offerings that already include Verimetrix and Microsoft DRM10 and the company plans to support PlayReady across its Android based PeerDroid Android set top box (STB) offering later this year.
Commenting on the changes, Moshe Bartov, CEO, PeerTV said: "We are excited to license Mircosoft PlayReady DRM as it another building block to provide PeerTV's PeerDroid STB with the necessary enabling technologies to access premium content with a DRM solution approved by the major Hollywood studios."