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Thread: Commando 14.6 Release

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    Commando 14.6 Release

    Commando 14.6 DM500 Release is finally here!

    What's new?

    A library of readme docs explaining all the below, and much more
    but sadly, nobody ever reads them. We've made it as easy as possible, with all docs linux formatted for comfortable local viewing on your telly with Tuxbox Commander from the Blue button, so go on- have a browse, please, yes? The docs folder is the default right pane in TuxCom, just arrow Up or Down to hilite the doc, then press OK to view it. Or read via FTP in the /var/etc/info folder.

    Set My Location 2-3-1
    set your location in three easy steps. Yes, we've taken care of our cousins over there on the Emerald Isle too! If you're in the London region, which is default for the stream channels, you can skip this one, coz 14.6 is London out of the tin. Please see the readme for more info

    if this doesn't sway users away from DMUK or FlipFlop bouquets and services, then we give up! 12 minutes spent (which can be automated on a daily Plugin Timer while you're fast asleep) and everything is bang up to date and 100% accurate, pulled down directly from the 28.2E stream! See the readme please, as this is highly customizable as well.

    GetEPG (or) RT-EPG 'smart' Plugin
    whether you're running in the default GetEPG mode, or have switched to online Radio Times EPG, you'll now see a Plugin for it under Blue > 4 - meaning you can do a manual EPG load with just two button presses! Or maybe set up a daily Plugin Timer to autoload EPG each day? The docs cover this in more detail...

    GetEPG and RT-EPG eazier customizing
    has been expanded upon since C14.5, with new user-friendly menus in the EPG & Autobouquets Wizard under the blue button. This subject has it's own readme too.

    GetEPG find EPG ID
    this uses dvbsnoop to quickly find the stream EPG ID tag for any new channels that AutoBouquets has found, but has not seen in the mapfile. So you can easily add it in to your user rdmap.dat file to grab stream EPG for it / them. Read the GetEPG doc for full destructions please.

    International TimeZone Menu
    default TimeZone is of course set for UK / Eire, but for our overseas users, we have a new TimeZone Menu for you! You'll find it in Settings > OSD and iif you remember to Save your TZ selection on the way back out, it is applied instantly! No reboot- no restart neutrino! More inf in the General doc.

    Astra 28.2E 'All Channels' bouquet option- A-Z sorted!
    LraiZer slipped this one in at the 11th hour, but it was worth delaying release for a day to pop it in at the last minute. See the tail end of the General doc for more insight please.

    Any other changes?

    with the necessary inclusion of the rather phat dvbsnoop binay in root, we've evicted all the Games and TuxCom / TuxTxt Plugins from SquahFS root, and relocated them to the /var/tuxbox/plugins folder. Users can now decide for themselves which ones they want to keep. See the General doc.

    Main and Service Menus
    some subtle re-ordering here, in order to protect AutoBouquets from being fubarred by unwitting user Personalization. We needed to ensure that certain items could ONLY ever be on the 1 or 2 buttons.

    Personalize Menus
    the eagle eyed amongst you might notice that certain items have been disabled in here. It's either because it doesn't apply to DM500 (like Shutdown and LCD) or again, for protecting AutoBouquets...

    Bouquet ordering
    some of our sophisticated pikey members up North felt that the stream order for Doumentaries in P7 was too far down the list. We can't argue with these folks (or they'll nick all our lead flashing and exposed copper pipe). So we've hoisted it into P3 to pacify them. But you can get AutoBouquets to genearte any Bouquet order you like, if you just read it's doc...

    Bug Fixes from C14.5?

    Three that we can think of. Want to know what they are? Second from last section in the General doc, LOL!

    As usual, we owe a giant debt of gratitude to LraiZer for his relentless work on making a great image even better! ENJOY!

    Cheers- AL, Renny, LraiZer and Satsearching
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    Re: Commando 14.6 Release

    Please how to instal cccam and nds domain in dm with commando 14.6
    Im trying but no where found

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    Re: Commando 14.6 Release

    Unfortunately I cannot help them. I have no DM500S

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