Jazzbox claims over a million downloads in six months

Iñaki Ferreras | 20-07-2012

More than four-fifths of clients with Canal + Yomvi Jazzbox have used the service to access on-demand content and, the average user has downloaded 26 titles and this in the first six months of the service being in operation.

In absolute terms this amounts to over a million legal downloads and nearly 8% of users also make use of the complementary Box Office service.

The genres preferred by users are the family movies and action-adventure films. The most downloaded titles include "Toy Story 3", "Range", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Tourist". Spanish cinema also has its place among the most downloaded content with films like "No peace for the wicked," "The skin I live in" and "Torrente 4".

Jazzbox Canal + offers over 400 movie titles, series, documentaries, concerts and programs, complete with live broadcast of Spanish TV’s Channel +1 which is consumed by 88.6% of customers.

On 7 June Canal+ Yomvi enhanced the Jazzbox live TV offer with five new channels (Fox TNT, Calle 13, Disney Junior and National Geographic) and its corresponding VOD content, surpassing the 1500 content the letter.