Chile's DTT to be free

Iñaki Ferreras | 21-07-2012

Chile’s DTT channels should be free according to a final decision by the country’s Senate in the treatment article by article of what will be the Digital Television Act in that country.

The decision closes the road to initiatives such as the Football Channel, currently premium pay-TV, whose owners hoped to gain a concession to broadcast pay-DTT as a way to prevent their viewers having to pay a basic subscription TV as a condition of receiving the channel.

Other decisions are relevant to sporting events deemed of public interest, which will be issued for free TV - but this won't affect existing contracts, such as the 2014 World Cup.

The Digital Television Act has been stuck in parliamentary negotiations since it was presented during the government of Michelle Bachelet in 2008.

One of the points in dispute is the claim of the broadcasters for pay-TV systems that will pay for the retransmission of their signals, which under current legislation has been rejected in two levels of justice and would be tried by the Supreme Court.