is one of the official sponsers of We are committed to providing customers with high quality PC cards for DVB S/S2, DVB T/T2, DVB-C with single, dual, and quad tuner, CAM CI box for DVB-S2, USB TV Box for DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and other DVB accessories. Now BuyDVB is having summer special offer, up to 50% discount, starts from July 16th ,2012 and ends August 10, 2012.
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Summer promotion for TBS TV Tuner Cards has launched a summer sales to go along with London 2012 Olympics Games.
Discounts up to 50% off regular prices, including TBS6981, TBS6925, TBS6284, TBS31021. Super Sales-Only once e in a whole year.

1. TBS6981 DVB S2 Dual Tuner Card- OFF 20% Only $108.99,Save $30

2. TBS6984 DVB S2 Quad Tuner Card-OFF 10% Only224.99 Save US$20

3. TBS6280 DVB T2 Dual TV Card OFF 30% Only $107.99,Save $50

4. TBS6925 Professional TV card- OFF 10% Only $224.99,Save $25

5. TBS6991 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner Dual CI Card-OFF 10% Only $179.99,Save $19

6.TBS5880 USB DVB-T2/T/C CI TV Box-OFF 15% Only $135.99,Save $23

7. TBS6284 DVB-T2 Quad Tuner Card-OFF 10% Only $197.99,Save $21

8.TBS6618 DVB-C TV Tuner PCIe Card CI OFF 10% Only $89.99,Save $9

8. TBS5922 USB DVB-S2 Professional TV Card -OFF 10% Only $71.99,Save $7

9.TBS5980 USB DVB-S2 TV Box CI-OFF 15% Only $84.99,Save $14

10.TBS5280 USB DVB-T2 Dual Tuner TV Box[/URL] -OFF 10% Only $116.99,Save $12


Summer promotion for TBS DVB Products
TBS3102 Phoenix Card ReaderOFF 50% Only $9.9,Save $10

]DVB-T2 Receiver- OFF 30% Only $41.99,Save $18

Clone+ Card Splitter System-OFF 10% Only $125.99,Save $14

A/V Transmitter and Receive OFF 10% Only $62.99 Save $10

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