ESPN Brazil chooses Level 3 for live broadcast transmission

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 23-07-2012

ESPN Brazil will use Level 3 Vyvx broadcast solutions infrastructure and managed services to optimise transmissions and provide integrated services for TV stations that carry its broadcasts in Brazil.

The deployment will mark Level 3's first Vyvx infrastructure contract in Brazil with Vyvx Managed Video Network Services (MVNS) focused on procuring, maintaining and operating the hardware and software that move live video from origin to destination.

"ESPN's channels have been in Brazil for 23 years, broadcasting live sports events worldwide," said Victor Hannoun, director of engineering and operations at ESPN Brazil. "The Vyvx infrastructure, including encoders, decoders, format conversion equipment and protocols, and management tools, will enhance the quality of our distribution, and Level 3 also will monitor the technology."

Level 3 will monitor and manage ESPN's broadcast infrastructure link in real time, 24 hours a day, from its command center in New York City. The circuit has a capability of 140Mbps and is divided into two HDchannels of 50Mbps each, and two standard definition channels of 20Mbps each.

Level 3 recently expanded its Vyvx Solutions suite of video transmission services into Latin America, leveraging Level 3's all-IP fiber network.