EION Wireless to bring IPTV to rural Brazil

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 23-07-2012

Canadian vendor EION Wireless is partnering with Brazilian company Quest to bring low-cost television and multimedia services to rural areas.

The two are part of a Canada-Brazil R&D programme funded by the International Science and Technology Partnerships Canada (ISTPCanada). A new grant will go towards the development of new broadband wireless products to deliver IPTV and broadband to the underserved in Brazil.

The services are slated to launch by the end of 2013 (in time for the country's World Cup), and will utilise the unlicensed spectrum band. To minimise interference, the two will incorporate EION's TrustLink technology.

Quest, a community development organisation based in the state of Santa Catarina, will model deployment scenarios and create testing protocols.