NZ internet providers increase their data caps

Louise Duffy | 23-07-2012

New Zealand's internet providers are increasing their data caps to cope with customer demand for unlimited digital streaming of movies and TV shows.

Slingshot and Orcon both offer Quickflix VOD on an unmetered basis to their customers, and are leading the charge on raising data caps.

Slingshot CEO Mark Callander said: “Slingshot remains the only New Zealand ISP offering unlimited broadband in the home. Customers shouldn’t have to worry about how much they use the internet – they should have the freedom to use it whenever and wherever they want. This drives every aspect of the Slingshot business, and is one of the key reasons why we offer the Quickflix service unmetered to our customer base.”

Scott Bartlett, Orcon CEO, added: “Last year, Orcon introduced 30GB as the standard base on our Genius plans, and the industry followed suit. Earlier this year we moved again, introducing a 200GB plan for $99 and a 1000GB plan for $199. Such plans would have been unthinkably large not long ago. We have moved into a new era, where video content is available on a multitude of devices in the home. Zero-rating services such as Quickflix, and boosting data caps, allows people to really get the most out of the internet and enjoy the wealth of content available.”

Meanwhile, Telecom has expanded the data cap on its base home broadband plan from 10GB to 30GB, which it says is partly due to video consumption.

Quickflix CEO Chris Taylor said: “We welcome this trajectory and applaud the country’s internet providers for starting to bring New Zealand in line with the rest of the world. In the UK for example, where digital movie and TV viewing is growing so rapidly, most of the leading broadband plans include unlimited downloads. We’re not there yet, but we’re certainly moving in the right direction.”

He also says that the increasing data allowances should ease the concerns of New Zealanders keen to sign up to Quickflix but worried about their data caps. “That’s really not an issue any more, thanks to the responsiveness of New Zealand’s ISPs. The average Quickflix customer uses just 5GB a month to watch unlimited movies, whenever and wherever they like.”