Editor | 24-07-2012

Chile is storming away in the online video stakes becoming Latin America most engaged market with an average consumption as much as 176 videos per viewer in May 2012, according to comScore.
In a LatAm breakout of its comScore Video Metrix service, the analyst calculates that nine tenths of Chilean web users have accessed online video services with the national viewing audience growing 11% over the last twelve months.

Nearly 6.8 million people age 15 and older watched a total of 1.2 billion videos during the month, an increase of 77% on May 2011. Males and younger age segments were the most active online video viewers. In May, males watched an average of 219 videos per viewer, while females watched 130 videos per viewer by comparison. Viewers age 15 to 24 accounted for both the largest segment of viewers (28.1 percent of the total viewing audience) as well as the most-engaged cohort with an average consumption of 217 videos during the month.
The average of 176 videos per viewer during May 2012 represents an increase of 60% over the previous year. Regionally this puts Chile ahead of Argentina (132 videos per viewer), Mexico (168 videos per viewer) and Brazil (150 videos per viewer).
"Online video consumption in Chile has grown immensely in the past year, fueled by an increase in content options available to consumers," explained Rodrigo Daie, comScore country manager for Chile. "In recent years, we have seen online video evolve from a purely user-generated content venue to a channel where professionally produced, long-form content is now widely available. This expansion of video content brings tremendous potential to advertisers that are looking to reach their key audiences during this highly-engaging online activity."