Inter to launch DTH operator in Venezuela

Iñaki Ferreras | 24-07-2012

Pay-TV operator Inter, the first company of its kind in Venezuela, is to launch a DTH platform in the country.
According to Eduardo Stigol, president of Inter, the service will launch before the end of July 2012 in the form of the HD TuVes platform which will compete with DirecTV and expects to grow nationally.
“We are in the process of launching, we have high expectations for this service, because Venezuela has yet to have 60% of households without access to cable networks, that is more than 4 million households. The current DTHs penetration does not exceed 25%, so there is an untapped market of 3 million households,” Stigol said.
Regarding the evolution of digital networks, Stigol remarked: “It's going slowly but well. For now only 4,000 are full digital homes; we are in a learning period. There are areas where we have given decoders to 200 households and from there, generating 400 new customers who bought their STBs.”
“Before launching fully we must learn to identify areas where this scheme will be successful to prevent piracy and generate new customers. Every home we are using two decoders and that has a cost of about $ 100. If the growth from existing customers is only 10%, that has a cost of $ 1000 for each new customer. Where subscriber node triples, is only $ 50 per new customer.”