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Thread: Dream Elite 4.0 800HD

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    Dream Elite 4.0 800HD

    Lo staff Dream Elite, dopo una lunga attesa, vuole proporvi la nuova immagine DE 4.0.
    Basata su OpenEmbedded 2.0 (OE 2.0) l'immagine nello stile Dream Elite e' stabile nonostante sia basata su sorgenti "experimental". Inclusi nell'immagine troverete le novita' della Dream-Multimedia GMBH :HBBTV, WebBrowser e altri miglioramenti, come la gestione delle periferiche di massa. Speriamo inoltre che i nuovi bootlogos e skin (Grazie XUP12 & Krauss) saranno di Vostro gradimento. In attesa di ulteriori migioramenti vogliamo dare il nostro piccolo contributo a tutti coloro che sono in possesso di un dreambox. Per consigli e aiuti lo staff e' a vostra disposizione. Buon divertimento.
    Dream Elite staff

    Dream ELite staff, after a long wait, wants to offer you the new image DE 4.0.
    Based on OpenEmbedded 2.0 (OE 2.0) the image as per Dream Elite style is stable, altough is based on "experimental" sources. Included in the image you will find the latest news from Dream-Multimedia GMBH :HBBTV, WebBrowser and other improvements, such as mass-storage management. Moreover we hope you will like the new Bootlogos and skin (Thanks XUP12 & Krauss). Awaiting more improvements we would like to give our small contribute to the Dreambox owners. For suggestions and help the staff is available for you. Have fun.
    Dream Elite staff

    Das Dream Elite Team präsentiert Euch nach langer Wartezeit das neue DE 4.0 Image.
    Das Image basiert auf OpenEmbedded 2.0 (OE 2.0) und ist wie gewohnt im Dream Elite Styile stabil, aber basiert natürlich auf "Experimentelle" Sourcen. In diesem Image sind sämtlich Neuigkeiten von der Dream-Multimedia GmbH enthalten: HbbTV, WebBrowser and andere Verbesserungen, wie z.Bsp. Speichergeräte Verwaltung. Weiterhin hoffen wir, dass Euch die neuen Bootlogos und Skins gefallten (Danke an Xup12 & Krauss). Wir erwarten weitere Verbesserungen und möchte Euch bereits unseren kleinen Beitrag mit unserem Image an Euch Dreambox Besitzer geben. Für Vorschläge und Hilfeleistung steht Euch unser Team zur Verfügung.Viel Spass.
    Euer Dream Elite Team

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    Re: Dream Elite 4.0 800HD

    Thanks man!!!

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    Re: Dream Elite 4.0 800HD

    DE 4.0 Upgrade 001r02


    Dream Elite staff wants to propose a new update for the DE 4.0 with enigma 2.0
    In this update you will find an EPG patch to make up for the lack of EPG for the Italian providers, awaiting that Dream-Multimedia fix definitively the problem, both for the EPG and DTT using USB tuner.
    Therefore Dream Elite staff has create this patch using DE-EPG, to allow you to use the EPG on the Italian providers.

    Update DE 4.0 001r02:

    Drivers 20120711-r7.0
    •Fix "Visibile gratis su tv terrestre" message on infobar
    •Set default path to " / " on ftp connection
    •Deleted missing icon call on DownloadProgress module
    •Fix empty DNS on network manual config
    •Added translation on DATE (for now on ITA and GER)
    •Updated Italian translation
    •Updated German translation
    •Upgrade DE-EPG to version 2.11
    •Upgrade DEManager for compatibility with LowFAT plugin
    •DE-EPG fix for Italian providers
    •New bootlogo
    •New default picon
    •Added drivers for smargo and other card reader
    •Fix on Skin.xml

    It is suggested to flash the new version, although it is upgradeable via software update.


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    Re: Dream Elite 4.0 800HD

    Dream Elite 4.0 NEW

    EPG working for all countries ON DE4.0 !!


    09-Dec-2012 20:51

    Finally Dream Multimedia has solved the EPG problem !! Dream Elite staff has successfully tested the DE 4.0 image.
    You can find a test version here:
    please use crossEPG available in addons. Soon a final version will be availble.


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