Singapore to increase funding for Public Service Broadcast programmes

Louise Duffy | 25-07-2012

Singapore's government is increasing the funding for Public Service Broadcast (PSB) content, to improve its quality and reach.
The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (Mica) said S$630 million will be given over five years, an increase of about 35% from the PSB funding of $470 million over the past five years. This is based on recommendations by the PSB Review Panel, which was set up in October 2010.
The panel has recommended that resources be channelled to enhance the quality of PSB content on free-to-air (FTA) TV. The Media Development Authority (MDA) will also introduce and fund the production of programme pilots that will be audience-tested before production begins.
Most of the funding will go to national broadcaster MediaCorp, but other broadcasters can apply for funding under a new scheme set up by the Media Development Authority. Key criteria include having platforms that meet MDA's minimum viewership figure.
MDA is currently in discussion with MediaCorp and pay-TV operator StarHub on their participation in the scheme.