Film Four & Film Four +1: 30-07-2012.

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A former Confederate officer fakes his own death, then rides into the Texas city posing as the new marshal. His aim is to exact his violent revenge on the family of brothers who burned his home, killed his family and stole his land. Western, starring Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman, Raymond Massey and Antonio MorenoFilm/Western

12:50Millions Like Us[SUB BW]
A woman is happy to be called up for service during the Second World War, but disappointed to learn she will be working in a factory making aircraft parts. However, the new job brings romance in the shape of a handsome airman and a close circle of friends in her co-workers, who all rally round when tragedy strikes. Drama, starring Patricia Roc, Eric Portman, Gordon Jackson and Basil RadfordFilm/General Movie/Drama

14:50The Hindenburg[SUB HD]
Fact-based Oscar-winning disaster movie recounting the final voyage of the gargantuan German airship which crashed outside New York on May 6, 1937, having completed 10 successful crossings of the Atlantic. With George C Scott, Anne Bancroft, Roy Thinnes, Burgess Meredith and Charles DurningFilm/Adventure/War

17:15The Valley of Gwangi[SUB HD]
A cowboy in a travelling rodeo wants another specimen of his show's latest star attraction - a miniature horse. Aided by a British palaeontologist, he heads into a mysterious forbidden valley, where he is amazed to find ferocious dinosaurs are roaming. Unfortunately, a giant prehistoric monster has them in its sight. Fantasy Western, starring James Franciscus and Gila Golan, with effects by Ray HarryhausenFilm/Fantasy/Western

19:10Legend[SUB HD]
A peasant boy, who has a special bond with animals and fairies, shows his sweetheart the last surviving unicorns. Unfortunately, a monstrous demon and his goblin henchmen despise the mythical creatures and trick the girl into harming one of them, forcing Jack to act quickly to save her immortal soul. Ridley Scott's fantasy adventure, starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry and David BennentFilm/Fantasy/Adventure

21:00Snakes on a Plane[SUB AD HD]
An FBI agent is assigned to protect a witness in the trial of a feared crime boss. However, when they board their flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles, the gangster's henchmen set in motion their plan to deal with them - by releasing 450 poisonous snakes that were smuggled onto the aircraft. Thriller, starring Samuel L Jackson, Julianna Margulies and Jonathan PhillipsFilm/Detective/Thriller

23:05Private Fears in Public Places
Premiere. Six people living in Paris yearn for romance. An estate agent thinks a colleague is trying to tell him something, his sister seeks love through the personal ads and a devoutly religious colleague cares for an embittered bedridden old man. Elsewhere, a bartender shows sympathy for a soldier whose fiancee has big plans. Comedy drama, starring Sabine Azema, Isabelle Carre, Laura Morante and Andre Dussollier. In French and EnglishFilm/General Movie/Drama/Comedy

01:30The Savages[SUB HD]
An estranged sister and brother with disastrous personal lives and unfulfilled ambitions are thrown back together when they are forced to care for their elderly father, who is suffering from dementia. But, before long, the middle-aged siblings' neuroses bubble to the surface as they trawl from care home to care home trying to manage their father's final days. Comedy drama, with Laura Linney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Philip Bosco and Peter FriedmanFilm/General Movie/Drama/Comedy