Connect TV bests Freeview in channel numbers

Editor | 30-07-2012

UK connected TV platform provider Connect TV is claiming to have passed a milestone by providing more channels to its domestic viewers than the Freeview FTA Digital Terrestrial (DTT) service.

Furthermore, Connect TV says that not only can in broadcasters to cost-effectively reach Freeview homes with the UK’s “richest interactive experience” it also boasts that it is on track to double the number of channels of the UK’s terrestrial operator by the end of 2012.
Connect TV launched its connected TV service with an initial bouquet of 45 internet delivered channels in February 2012, bringing internet delivered content to the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and is said to work on all compliant Freeview devices, offering live streaming and on demand services.
In addition Connect TV insists that its MHEG linking solution gives its connected and interactive platform a number of major advantages over rival platforms, principally the fact that consumers do not need to invest in a new set-top box, which in turn means that it can address 5 million households at present and potentially growing to almost all UK homes by the end of 2014.
“The latest launches demonstrate the value of our platform and now brings the number of channels on the Connect TV platform to 70, so we’ve passed Freeview and are ahead of schedule to meet our launch promise of doubling the size of the terrestrial platform by the end of 2012,” asserted Phil Walder, Managing Director, Connect TV. “Because our connected platform is available to any Freeview HD compatible TV or set-top it’s going to be a very long time before other connected TV platforms in the UK can even get close to the numbers of consumers capable of enjoying Connect TV.”
The new channel launches that the company says is bringing it to pre-eminence include The Christian Channel, Arabic and Islamic content and more channels added to the Polska Plus service available via the Vision Television Network.