Connect TV, which runs IP channels in tandem with the Freeview DTT platform, says it is on track to offer double the number of Freeview channels by the end of the year.

It has recently added the Christian Channel as well as Arabic and Islamic content, joining the existing Polska Plus service.

“The latest launches demonstrate the value of our platform and now brings the number of channels on the Connect TV platform to 70, so we’ve passed Freeview and are ahead of schedule to meet our launch promise of doubling the size of the terrestrial platform by the end of 2012,” said Phil Walder, managing director, Connect TV.

Around 5 million UK households have a Freeview HD device, the vast majority of which are capable of being connected to the internet.

Viewers tuning to one of the Connect TV placeholders see an MHEG generated caption that either advises them of the ability of their receiver to view the service or takes them into one of Connect TV’s IP-delivered multichannel portals.

Connect TV is playing on its delivery of IP channels ahead of YouView, which has similar plans, though from a decidedly smaller installed base.