August 3 to August 10

30 Minutes Or Less

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, Nick Swardson, Michael Peña and Fred Ward.
Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is a small town pizza delivery guy whose mundane life collides with the big plans of two wanna-be criminal masterminds (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). The volatile duo kidnaps Nick and forces him to rob a bank. With mere hours to pull off the impossible task, Nick enlists the help of his ex-best friend, Chet (Aziz Ansari). As the clock ticks, the two must deal with the police, hired assassins, flamethrowers, and their own tumultuous relationship.


African Cats (Felins)

An epic true story set against the backdrop of one of the wildest places on Earth, African Cats captures the real-life love, humor and determination of the majestic kings of the savanna. The story features Mara, an endearing lion cub who strives to grow up with her mother’s strength, spirit and wisdom; Sita, a fearless cheetah and single mother of five mischievous newborns; and Fang, a proud leader of the pride who must defend his family from a once banished lion.


Bad Ass

Starring Danny Trejo, Charles S. Dutton, Ron Perlman, Joyful Drake, Patrick Fabian and John Duffy.
A war vet, who became a local hero after saving a woman from being attacked on a bus, takes matters into his own hands when the police show little interest in investigating the murder of his best friend.



Avec Jérémie Renier, Benoît Magimel et Monica Scattini.
Cloclo, c’est le destin tragique d’une icône de la chanson française décédée à l’âge de 39 ans, qui plus de trente ans après sa disparition continue de fasciner. Star adulée et business man, bête de scène et pro du marketing avant l’heure, machine à tubes et patron de presse, mais aussi père de famille et homme à femmes ... Cloclo ou le portrait d’un homme complexe, multiple ; toujours pressé, profondément moderne et prêt à tout pour se faire aimer.


The Muppets

Starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones and Ricky Gervais.
While on vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world's biggest Muppet fan, and his friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) from Smalltown, USA, discover that oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) plans to raze the Muppet Theater so he can drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets' former stomping grounds. To raise the $10 million needed to save the theater, Walter, Mary and Gary stage The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever and help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have all gone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high-powered plumbing magnate.


Safe House (Securite Rapproche)

Starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Ruben Blades, Nora Arnezeder, Robert Patrick, Liam Cunningham and Joel Kinnaman.
Bored by his post house sitting a CIA-operated safe house in South Africa, a rookie operative (Ryan Reynolds) goes on the run with a dangerous renegade (Denzel Washington) when the place is destroyed by mercenaries. Now they have to figure out if the attackers are terrorists or one of their own - someone on the inside, before they know who they can trust.


This Means War (Target)

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Chelsea Handler.
Two of the world's best CIA operatives (Chris Pine, Tom Hardy), who also used to be best friends, go head to head when they both fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). Rather than working together to take down entire enemy nations like they once did, they're now using their incomparable skills and top-of-the-line equipment to eliminate each other.



Avec Simon Abkarian, François-Xavier Demaison et Vernon Dobtcheff.
Sous un baobab, un vieil homme raconte aux enfants qui l’entourent, une histoire : celle de l’amitié indéfectible entre Maki, un enfant de 10 ans, et Zarafa, une girafe orpheline, cadeau du Pacha d’Égypte au Roi de France Charles X. Hassan, prince du désert, est chargé par le Pacha de conduire Zarafa jusqu’en France mais Maki, bien décidé à tout faire pour contrarier cette mission et ramener la girafe sur sa terre natale, va les suivre au péril de sa vie. Au cours de ce long périple qui les mènera du Soudan à Paris, en passant par Alexandrie, Marseille et les Alpes enneigées, ils vont vivre mille péripéties et croiser la route de l’aéronaute Malaterre, des étranges vaches Mounh et Sounh et de la pirate Bouboulina. Librement inspiré de la véritable histoire de la girafe offerte par le Pacha d’Égypte au Roi de France en 1827.