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Thread: HispaDVB 2.0 Alpha 1

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    HispaDVB 2.0 Alpha 1

    nouvelle version de HispaDVB !!!

    enfin compatible en mode soft avec la nexus-s ...

    HispaDVB 2.0 Alpha 1

    You know the last release candidate was a little buggy, the present will be too that's why we prefer change the RC by an Alpha adjetive.

    Many internal changes have been made and may be you don't find them externally but others seems important:

    -Now HispaDVB can handle AirStar2 cards (or at least it seems to handle it) and the most importan YOU CAN have a SS1 and AS2 cards running at the same time... also if you're a happy SS1 owner YOU CAN use the SS1 hardware decoder to view the channels tuned by the AS2 card. So now you have in the hardware output not only satellite programs but also the terrestrial one .

    To take advance of this last feature you must check the "use hardware decoder checkbox" or the spanish untranslated phrase "Usar descompresora MPEG de la SS1" wich appear in the Config->Modules->Select submenu. But beware, this feature is still testing so use carefully, some channes shows a small lag between audio and video wich we can't still correct, and others can indeed be unwatchable due to the big TS elements the broadcaster use.

    Now HispaDVB uses the VisualC7 runtimes so may be you need to download this libraries if you don't have them. This can be done using google to find libraries like mfc71.dll or msvcr71.dll. But probably you already has them in your computer.

    If you can't find them by yourserlf ask on the support forum and somebody will help you.

    And finally if you don't like this version just simply remove the directory where you uncompresed it because as allways HispaDVB doesn't write any config into the windows registry.

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    Re: HispaDVB 2.0 Alpha 1

    merci pour l'info mais quand on a la chance d'avoir une nexus, le mode hard est pour moi recommendé

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