Castilla-La Mancha TV begins HDTV transmissions

Iñaki Ferreras | 05-08-2012

Central Spain’s regional public broadcaster Castilla-La Mancha TV (CMT) has started HDTV transmissions a month later than expected.

The channel broadcasts the same programming schedule as the conventional channel, but provides improved quality thanks to the more advanced image encoder it uses. The channel, still in testing, will introduce HD content steadily to households in the region.

The signal uses the same frequency as the conventional channel, so viewers don't need an adapter to access the signal; they just need to retune the TV.

CMT joins the group of regional television channels that already provide a HD signal: Aragon TV, TV3 (Catalonia), Canal 9 (Valencia Com.), 7RM (Murcia), TPA (Asturias) Telemadrid, Canal Sur (Andalucia), IB3 (VBaleares) and TV Canaria. No signal in HD are still TVG (Galician), ETB (Basque Country), Extremadura TV.