Channel 4 expands monetisation rights programme

Editor | 05-08-2012

As part of its plans to further cash in on its digital media asset portfolio, Channel has deployed new monetisation software for its video and display advertising.

The new technology, Monetization Rights Management (MRM) from FreeWheel will see use for ad serving on the 4oD video on demand (VOD) service as well as for the UK’s fourth largest broadcaster’s partner integrations. FreeWheel’s solutions are also in use with broadcasters such as AOL, ESPN, FOX, NBCUniversal, Sky, Turner and VEVO.

With 215 million long-form video views in the first half of 2011, Channel 4 claims to be is the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK’s VOD market. The multi-year agreement with FreeWheel will enable Channel 4 to consolidate ad operations for Channel 4, E4 and Film4 onto the MRM system and is claimed to be able to give the broadcaster more options in managing ad rights for network web sites, and video content syndicated to partner sites such as YouTube.

Channel 4, which has first right of sale of UKTV’s network content, will also use MRM as part of its strategy to maximise yields for the UKTV’s VOD services and websites.

“Our viewers understand our dedication to bringing content from Channel 4’s network channels to digital platforms through our syndication efforts on iOS smartphones and tablets, gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, and partner sites like YouTube,” said Barry John, Advertising Operations & Inventory Controller, Channel 4. “FreeWheel’s technology allows us to tie all of that together, so that we can better manage our ad selling process and maximise the revenue generated from our video content.”