Raajje TV terminated after intruders break in

Louise Duffy | 08-08-2012

Private broadcaster Raajje TV in the Maldives had its service terminated after intruders broke into the station and cut critical cables in the control room yesterday.

Deputy CEO of Raajje TV Abdulla Yamin told Minivan News: “We suspect that the attack was by a person who knows this place and the functioning of Raajje TV very well. It has caused us millions of rufiya in damage because we have lost our reputation in front of our sponsors.”

Yamin said that the cables will cost more than Rf 100,000 (£4,270) to replace, and that it will take two days before the station can resume broadcasting.

“They shut down the electricity for the whole building which caused our electric lock systems to fail,” he said. “We suspect that either the culprit knows this place very well, or that this was done with the co-operation of a person who knew the place very well."

The Maldives Broadcasting Corporation has condemned the attack, saying its intention was to obstruct the freedom of speech and journalism.

The attack came just days after police accused the station of making false allegations against security forces, according to news reports.