Esporte Interativo expands digital sports broadcast in Brazil

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 08-08-2012

Esporte Interativo has implemented a new infrastructure to support its goal of becoming a multi-platform sports channel in Brazil, distributing free content on a linear and catch-up basis to multiple devices with broadcast quality, including to connected TVs.

The broadcaster wants to build on its existing digital distribution success: In 2011 it made the first live broadcast over the Internet in Brazil of the Barcelona and Real Madrid game, a.k.a. the Spanish Super Cup, reaching 1 million fans on Facebook.

It also makes its programming available wirelessly on Android devices, the iPhone and iPad. It claims 260,000 downloads and almost 2 million page views, making it one of the most popular sports applications on iTunes and Google Play.

It's also making inroads on the connected TV front, as an embedded app available through Samsung, Sony and Philips models.

For the next generation of distribution, the company said that goal will be to provide a more complete service, with multiple simultaneously live streams and catch-up programs. Also, users will be able to build their own programme schedule.

To deliver such a service for free means an infrastructure with an appropriate cost/performance ratio. To that end, Esporte Interativo has contracted with AD Digital to implement the vendor's spinnaker 500 encoders, which replaces an analogue video and capture card.