BBC Worldwide adds extra dimension with 3DTV in Brazil

Iñaki Ferreras | 08-08-2012

The global arm of the BBC, BBC Worldwide, has used the ABTA TV exhibition to demonstrate the power of 3DTV with Flying Monsters 3D, and sports series Football Freestyler, through its BBC HD signal for Latin America.

Written and narrated by David Attenborough, the award-winning Flying Monsters is expected to debut in the coming months while Freestyler Football, a sport series set in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is scheduled for release in late August.

"Brazil will be the first country to live our foray into 3D content for BBC HD and we are sure that Flying Monsters. We are working with NET Serviços for our first 3D event can be carried beyond our screen, making strategic alliances that will lead us to extend this experience, "said Adriana Eckstein, chief executive of BBC Worldwide Channels for Latin America.