Xbox Imagenio prices hiked up from September

Iñaki Ferreras | 08-08-2012

From 1 September users of the Now also Movistar Imagenio Xbox service will face substantial rises in order to access TV services from the game console.

Users willhave to pay €22.90 / month plus VAT, the same price they already pay for Imagenio Movistar customers in triple play offerings of the Spanish company.

The Xbox console has become an interesting alternative to enjoy Movistar Imagenio channels on a second TV. Telefónica’s IPTV platform has spent months working on this service initially launched with the "hook" commercial featuring enjoy Gol TV, offered free initially and later for a fee of €7.50 / month. This service also included other channels such as Eurosport and Eurosport 2 to complete the offer programming.

Yet from 1 July, users have seen the premium channel Gol TV disappeared from their XBOX. Movistar also dispensed with this channel through their service in the console from Microsoft. The main channel programming supply disappeared but the company continued to collect the same amount for their service.

The new package claims to include "the best Spanish football", but for now Telefónica cannot ensure that it will have all rights to La Liga. Eurosport, Extreme Sports, Football Replay Energy have confirmed to Imagenio XBox.