Online video views pass record billion mark in Q2 2012 with soaring
Joseph O'Halloran | 08-08-2012

The latest video monetisation report from video technology firm FreeWheel has found that consumer viewership of professional video content on smartphones, tablets, and game consoles doubled in Q2 2012.

Furthermore, the report found that the soaring uptake in online video - hitting a record of over a billion video views - through this variety of connected devices was driving monetisation, with the market for video advertising continuing to expand at a faster rate than the viewing of content; video view volume increased 10% year-over-year while video ad volume increased 68% in the same time period.

The survey found that nearly 8 video ads were viewed during every video view longer than 20 minutes. Indeed FreeWheel asserts that episodic, live, and on demand online video is approaching TV in terms of monetisation. Long-form video ad loads went up from an average of 6 video ads in Q1 2012 to an average of 8 in Q2 2012. Mid-form content ad loads also saw nominal increases, and short-form content ad loads held steady.

Completion rates of advertising in this long-form content rose to 91%, those in mid-form content saw completion rates of 80%, and video ads in short-form content saw completion rates of 69%. Such results has led FreeWheel to conclude that people are accepting of ads in exchange for being able to view professional video content on their connected devices.

In terms of ad placement within content, mid-rolls and post-rolls grew at a much faster rate than pre-rolls. This correlates to the increased number of advertising pods in long- and mid-form content, as well as higher video ad loads per pod, since these content lengths permit more advertisingslots.

Extrapolating forward, FreeWheel says that the trends revealed by the survey suggest “an extraordinary opportunity” for video content producers. It suggests that there are dollars available to support the production of this content and indeed, they need to continue to increase their supply. Moreover, FreeWheel believes that the “dramatic leap” in video ads per long-form view with no decrease in completion rates indicates that there is likely room for increased monetisation in TV-type content of 20+ minutes and that while the pre-roll format continues to dominate in sheer volume, advertisers are learning that mid-rolls and post-rolls also play a critical role in optimally monetising content.

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