WRN Broadcast selected to deliver Nautical Channel to the US

Louise Duffy | 09-08-2012

WRN Broadcast has been selected by Nautical Channel, the specialist nautical sports and lifestyle broadcaster, to provide fibre distribution to the US for three years, with supporting datacentre and content management services.

WRN Broadcast’s solution was created specifically to meet the channel’s expanding global distribution plans. From its launch in 2011, Nautical Channel is now available to over 15 million subscribers across 29 countries, and its diffusion is set to continue through a distribution deal with DISH in the US. WRN Broadcast will enable the delivery of the channel’s content to DISH’s head-end in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Adapting to Nautical Channel’s existing playout process, the technology team at WRN Broadcast was able to provide both the fibre circuit to the major US satellite operator and ensure secure hosting of the client’s playout equipment in WRN Broadcast’s new London-based Broadcast Data Centre, which launched in May 2012. This means that Nautical Channel has the cost-effective turnkey distribution solution it requires, including the necessary standards conversion and encoding as well as additional broadcast support and on-hand technical expertise, which will ensure seamless transmission in the US.

With WRN Broadcast’s extensive fibre distribution network in place, the broadcaster also has the option of a presence at 60 Hudson, the major US distribution hub, which could prove instrumental as the channel’s development plans in the US move forward.

David Treadway, managing director of WRN Broadcast, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Nautical Channel’s growth into the US market with delivery to DISH. Working with Nautical Channel really highlights the global broadcast understanding and technical expertise we have here at WRN Broadcast and we’re excited to be assisting with the channel’s development stateside.”

Laurence Hopper, CEO of Nautical Channel, said: “Nautical Channel selected WRN Broadcast for delivery of the signal to the United States as it offered an excellent delivery solution for our expanding global distribution. The ability to complement its great level of connectivity with a range of content management services and the required technical support confirmed that, WRN Broadcast was our best choice as our international broadcast managed services partner.”