Germans embrace internet TV for the Olympics

Jörn Krieger | 10-08-2012

The London 2012 Olympic Games seem to have marked the breakthrough for TV live streams from the internet in Germany. Every fourth German (25%) has watched live footage from the games on a computer or mobile phone in the past few days, according to a survey conducted by the Forsa research institute among 1,008 people from 14 years of age for industry association BITKOM.

"The Olympic Games 2012 have sounded the bell for a new era of television. With Olympia 2012, internet TV became a mass phenomenon," BITKOM's managing director Bernhard Rohleder said in Berlin.

"Thanks to the constantly increasing bandwidths, live streams are really enjoyable now. The viewers have been able to choose from a large online programme line-up provided by the public broadcasters enabling them to select their personal TV coverage schedule for the first time."

According to the survey, a total of 86% of Germans watched Olympic competitions live - slightly more men (88%) than women (82%). 15% watched on the PC, 14% on a laptop, 6% on a smartphone and 4% on a tablet computer.

"The Olympic Games have opened the eyes to the TV world of the future. The internet frees television from fixed places, times and schedules," said Rohleder. "Internet TV is mobile, time-independent and individual."