Tyroo launches mobile offerings to scale up digital ad campaigns

Louise Duffy | 10-08-2012

Indian digital advertising network Tyroo Direct has launched mobile offerings to help advertisers scale up their digital marketing campaigns across mobile, web and tablet formats.

The mobile portfolio includes CPL (cost per lead) demand generation; WAVE, a pay-per-call model to drive assisted commerce, and RAPID – a mobile app download platform.

Siddharth Puri, business head of Tyroo, said: “The launch will fulfil an advertiser’s requirement to ensure presence across devices that are capturing television and PC’s share of time, and optimising the purchase funnel for assisted commerce.

“Our mobile performance solutions will enable businesses to scale up and achieve higher ROIs. For instance, Tyroo’s ‘click to call’ is already enabling assisted commerce in India while RAPID is tuned for our advertisers’ need to distribute their mobile apps faster than competitors in order to gain traction at a scale that traditional mobile ad networks are not able to offer."