UBC, a new multicultural network, plans an autumn launch

Editor | 11-08-2012

Just as the Hispanic programming space heats up, a new multicultural programming network is prepping for launch in the United States, filling a gap for African-American audiences in particular. The Urban Broadcasting Co., or UBC-TV, will being broadcasting this fall to 40 million households.

UBC is the brainchild of CEO and President Peggy Dodson, a self-empowerment expert based in Harlem. She began the UBC journey eight years ago with $600,000 of her own money, she told the New York Daily News, before going on to secure angel investors for the project.
Now, the work is paying off with a launch that will begin with four hours of primetime programming per day, available in NFL cities via Time-Warner, Comcast and DISH Network. The network will also offer online streaming.
"I know how difficult this can be," Dodson told the Daiy News. "Just ask Miss Oprah Winfrey. It's not for the faint of heart. But I think if you provide people with what they really want, they will find you."
All shows will be produced in Harlem. The first offerings include The UBC Mix Dance Show, which is a reboot of the American Bandstand or Soul Train format. The network will also air American Basketball Association games and provide a newshour show with local journalist Felipe Luciano, dubbed A Different Perspective. Other shows in the style, beauty, personal finance, food, health, small business and fitness categories are being developed.