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Thread: KD/Iesy down

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    KD/Iesy down

    since yesterday even my provider Iesy is down with C*.
    Only the free-to-air stations, which are also encrypted - one needs a Iesy-Card to decrypt without monthly charge - are still working.
    Unfortunatly, today the Budesliga starts again with some interesting games...
    Anybody a hint?

    Regards, weirdphilo.

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    Re: KD/Iesy down

    In which region of the Iesy Kabelnetze are you located in?
    I'm in the Frankfurt Main (Hessen) region, and everything is ~thankfully~ running includeing all PPVs'.

    It's a damned shame though that once KDH / Iesy go that the Cerebro can in all likelhood be chucked into the bin.
    Allthough support for KDH / Isey / Ish probably could continue.
    I wouldn't hold my Breath that it in fact will.
    Allas KDH / Iesy / Ish was just iceing on the Cake that was Premiere World.

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    Re: KD/Iesy down

    Unfortunatly I updated my camd A bug-report told, that there some problems with this version i used to work with smart-cards.
    I rolled-back the older version of camd and everything is well again.
    Obviously no key-change with iesy. Using Files from 03.09.
    Regards, weirdphilo.

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