Sky Deutschland approaches black figures

Jörn Krieger | 14-08-2012

German pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland has - as expected ( - reached the operational profit zone in Q2 2012, but remains in the red below the line.

The operating result (EBITDA) amounted to €23 million, following a loss of €23.4 million in Q2 2011. Turnover rose by 18% to €326.7 million. The net loss decreased from €53.6 million to €13.8 million. Sky expects its EBITDA to be positive throughout 2013 and to continue growing thereafter.
The number of subscribers increased in Q2 2012 by 47,100 to a total of 3.13 million. In Q2 2011, only 33,200 new customers were added. 1.17 million subscribers are now signed up to a premium HD package while 584,000 have opted for PVR Sky+.
To attract new customers, Sky wants to launch a new low-cost entry package during the course of the second half of this year. Sky Starter will contain 21 channels in standard-definition from basic package Sky Welt - among them many exclusive Sky channels - and will act as an entry-point for people not yet considering pay-TV.