Time Warner, Level 3 ink infrastructure deal

Michelle Clancy | 13-08-2012

Level 3 Communications has signed a multi-year agreement with Time Warner Cable to expand the MSO's national network, including adding additional core infrastructure services to bolster redundancy and reliability.
The two have also inked terms for the exchange of IP traffic between their respective backbone networks.
"The strength of our network is at the center of all the services we provide our more than 15 million customers, and we continue to expand the reach and capacity, as well as improve the reliability of that network to best serve our customers today and in the future," said Mike LaJoie, executive vice president and CTO for Time Warner Cable. "Through these agreements, Level 3 continues to be a valuable partner in the growth of our network's capacity and strength."
The deals expand an existing business relationship between the two. "Service providers recognize that network reliability is essential to a superior customer experience for both residential and enterprise clients," said Jack Waters, Level 3's CTO. "By leveraging the extensive reach of the Level 3 network, Time Warner Cable will be better positioned to deliver a highly reliable portfolio of services to its customers. We are pleased to have expanded our long-standing business relationship with Time Warner Cable through these agreements."