MundoFox Spanish-language TV net officially goes live

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 13-08-2012

News Corp. has formally launched its new Spanish-language U.S. broadcast network, MundoFox.

A collaboration with Colombia's RCN Television, MundoFox will start off airing on 60 local affiliate TV stations, in 24 out of the 25 top Hispanic markets in the U.S. The network will start off reaching about 80% of the Hispanic market.
MundoFox is meant to be a general-interest Spanish-language channel that will offer analgous programming to its English-language FOX broadcast network, executives said. Unlike Telemundo and Univision, MundoFox won't rely primarily on the telenovela format--the wildly popular soap opera style belovd throughout Latin America. Instead, MundoFox will begin life with a broader range of content. RCN will contribute Colombian-made movies and TV, including the female comedy Las Santísimas and El Capo 2, a drama about a drug lord. The network will also carry dubbed shows like American Dad and Bones.
A Los Angeles-based nightly news program will anchor the evening programming.
Fox Broadcasting is already in the pay-TV market with three Spanish-language cable channels, including a sports network and Nat Geo Mundo. But the national broadcast tier needed more competition in the Hispanic broadcasting space, executives said. Given the continued expansion of the demographic and impressive combined buying power, advertisers have been turning to Spanish-language adn Hispanic-focused fare to find new growth opportunities