Gi 8120 Ge - DVBS2 receiver tuned by Global Entertainment team – we make things better!

Inexpensive receiver with an open Linux operating system on processor 7111 STi. Equipped with universal card reader, Ethernet port for connecting to servers on the Internet, USB port for recording, updating software and the use of additional adapters, and also supports video playback in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264.

Receiver GI 8120 GE (tuned up by Global Entertaiment) is equipped with modern satellite tuner standard DVB-S/DVB-S2, which enables the reception of TV channels in both standarts SD, and in high definition (HD). Moreover, the receiver has a good tuner sensitivity that allows for the optimum size of satellite dishes for reception of channels from the transponder DVB-S2, depending on the selected area and the location of the satellite. In addition, the team of Global Entertaiment (GE provides receiver with WEB TV fuction (free of charge) and Kartina TV and Sovok TV plugins ( comercial IPTV). In result, the receiver is adapted for IPTV (digital television, data networks over IP, a new generation of television).

GI 8120 GE lets you use a digital video recorder - PVR, can connect to the external USB hard drive or high-speed USB flash drives. That will allow recording favorite TV programs, and then view on the receiver or personal computer. Also, you can use and function of the pending transfer of an interesting view - TimeShift. When you pause live TV transmission, although it continues to go out and physically after the break to continue her show from the moment of stopping. Additionally, the software used in the receiver, laid the multimedia functions: video files compressed in - MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264; playing music - wma and mp3 files using YouTube internet service, reading news feeds - RSS, as well as viewing the weather forecast for your city. In addition, the receiver supports on-line services - Spark.
The use of open source operating system Linux in the receiver GI 8120 GE will allow install and configure various emulators, as well as the presence of Ethernet (Lan) port lets you connect it to a router to connect to the Internet, for the implementation of the popular features such as Cardsharing and IKS. What is Cardsharing - you can find on the link provided. We are not engaged in providing Cardsharing and its settings.

In addition, provides support for USB Wi-Fi adapters on chips: RT73, RT2870, RT3070, for the implementation of the receiver to connect to a wireless computer network in order to avoid the installation of computer network cable in the apartment. And also incorporated work with 3G USB modem, it does not have to bother with setting configuration parameters, if you have a model of the modem: E160G, E171, E1550, E1750 or E1780 from the manufacturer Huawei. Suffice it to prescribe the parameters for the mobile operator to connect to the mobile Internet. In addition to the above advantages, the receiver GI 8120 GE is based on modern and powerful processor - STi7111, which among other innovations, supports video output signal from the HDMI port to the maximum allowed resolution - 1080p (Full HD). In addition, the receiver is equipped with connectors - SCART and RCA («tulips") that will connect it to the outdated models of televisions. In addition to this receiver has a coaxial SPDIF audio output to connect to a home theater that will listen to the sound format Dolby Digital, on TV where it is present.

When choosing a receiver GI 8120 GE should read the forums, with its options and weigh the pros and cons of buying. Because - this is not the machine, which after the first turn will begin to show all your channels. But if you think you can cope with it, you'll get a pretty good functionality for relatively little money.
Specifications :

Vers-1 .Open OS and Linux NEUTRINO , SPARK;
Vers-2 .ОC Linux Enigma2 , SPARK ;
Fully supports the standards DVB-S/DVB-S2;
Decompression signal MPEG2/MPEG4;
A Conditional Access Module Conax;
Port USB 2.0;
Support for Wi-Fi USB adapter;
PVR function is a USB-connected drives;
Function Time Shift;
The digital HDMI output;
Built-in media player: MKV, AVI, WMA, MPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG;
Ethernet network port;
Support for Internet services: Youtube, SHOUTcast Radio, RSS Reader, Picasa, weather, etc.;
GI 8120 GE supports third-party plug-ins;
Play video resolution: 1080p, 720p, 576p;
It has a coaxial audio output SPDIF;
Supported protocols DiSEQC 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 and USALS;
Software update possible via: Ethernet, USB or RS-232.