Ustream's BFF app streams live video to Facebook

Louise Duffy | 17-08-2012

Streaming company Ustream is bringing live video to Facebook's news feed via a new iPhone and iPad app called Broadcast for Friends (BFF).

It will enable users to simultaneously record and broadcast on Facebook without having to upload the video first.

BFF is expected to appear in the Apple App Store soon, once Apple approves it.

Application users can apply pre-configured filters to alter the colors and mood of the video. The broadcasts don't have a time limit.

The free application can be used, for example, to broadcast wedding ceremonies, public meetings, artistic performances, parties and the like. Ustream doesn't plan to display ads with the application. Viewers can send comments in real time to the broadcaster.

Users can set different access levels for their broadcasts, including making them available to their Facebook friends, to themselves only, or to everyone. Users can also save a recording of the broadcast so it can be viewed later on demand on their Facebook Timeline.