Can anyone here help a gradually going insane fairly technically minded but new to this reciver type guy...

I have been trying for nearly 2 weeks to update my opticum 4060cx with new firmware and keys etc to be able to watch the canal digital from netherlands on astra 19.2 degs and am at the point of wanting to throw it all through the window...gggrrrrr

I have downloaded loads of software and keys and programmers and aliedit's and toolboxes etc etc
I have a null modem rs 232 cable- pins 2-3 crossed and 5 connected
( this I have checked on a meter and it is so)

I have a opticum 4060cx with the following :

model 3329c
s/w 05000200_1.3.07 emu
hw ali 3329c
loader m3329c 1.0.5
last update 23-12-2009
stb sn ali3329c_ali3329c_globo
id 05000200-0042d9

I have been using it to watch bulsat with a white irdeto card
(which i bought preprogrammed)

but now want to use it to watch digital canal+ from netherlands.

I also have a gold card and a pic card and a multiprogrammer from the old uk ondigital days..- if these are any help!!

if possible could someone give me a step by step idiots guide on what to do, cos nothing I do seems to work i just keep getting serial probe errors, no card found errors and alloc node for program failed errors... and the list goes on....

thanks in advance for any help you can give

much respect to all on theses forums

Mister Kew