ViewCast updates video delivery platform with MPEG2 TS

Michelle Clancy | 20-08-2012

ViewCast Corp. has updated its Niagara SCX encoding, control and management software to provide video service providers more cost-effective delivery and user control with a new output streaming format, the MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS).

The MPEG2 TS will now be standard on all recently released and upcoming Niagara streaming media systems.
"The introduction of a new streaming format is integral to the success and user satisfaction for advanced management software," said John Hammock, president and CEO of ViewCast. "MPEG2 TS is a standard in IPTV, and with the updated version of Niagara SCX on all new products, service providers can now manage high-quality streams to set top boxes at a lower cost."
With MPEG2 TS, Niagara supports both MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding. The recently released Niagara 9100-2D with new Niagara SCX software can stream digitally in either SD or HD. The same software allows the analogue Niagara 2200 to deliver local content.
"This flexibility of the new version of Niagara SCX will help a wide variety of users accomplish streaming needs, as the software combines audio enhancements and a simplified interface with our well established Osprey technology," said Adrian Giuhat, senior vice president of product development and the company's CTO. "It simplifies the process for broadcasters to transcode national feeds and service providers to accomplish over-the-top (OTT) overlay and HTTP live streaming (HLS) extension. It also allows enterprisers LAN distribution, including streaming to set top boxes."

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