DirecTV LATAM adds ESPN3

Iñaki Ferreras | 21-08-2012

DirecTV Latin America has announced the addition of ESPN3 to its programming, allowing subscribers to enjoy the channel 24 hours a day.

ESPN3 offers a wide variety of action sports such as X Games, surfing, running, highlights of European football, rugby, ATP tennis, polo, golf, and IndyCar, plus cycling, PGA golf, boxing and basketball. Moreover, the channel features films and documentaries about university sport and Olympic highlights. ESPN3 allows users to enjoy the programmes via television, Internet, phones and tablets thanks to the TV Everywhere service that provides the signal.

The addition of this channel aims to satisfy our subscribers and is in line with the company’s promise to deliver the best sports programming, according to Juan Miguel Pinto, manager of Communications and DIRECTV programming.

To access the service, users must enter the DIRECTV website, choose their country and then the option MiDIRECTV where members can record programmes, make balance inquiries and pay bills, and buy PPV movies.

Finally under the MiDIRECTV option users can enter ESPN Play, which offers simultaneous sports broadcasts and recently played games, ESPN's best TV programmes with goals and short clips, recaps, news, interviews and expert analysis. In addition, this product provides the ability to interact with social networks from the player.