Colombia lacks clear TV legislation

Iñaki Ferreras | 21-08-2012

At the recent forum 'Future of closed television' in Colombia, Carlos Rebellón, director of the Commission for Communications Regulation, highlighted the lack of clear technical regulations in Colombia for manufacturers of digital TV equipment on the model chosen by DVB T2 Colombia in December.

According to Ty y Video, the director explained that there is a gap in the technical process to adopt digital television which directly affects equipment manufacturers and installers, for although there are macro regulations, there are no technical specifications indicating how they would work in this field. He explained that this is necessary due to the multiple forms that exist.

Until last April, the National Commission on Television was responsible for regulating this issue. But after the scrapping and distribution of various functions between the National Television Authority and the Communications Regulation Commission, discussions about the issue are just getting under way.

The National Television Authority (CNTV) and the Communications Regulation Commission are now considering international regulations on this subject and hope to publish these before the end of this year.