The Hunger Games snags home entertainment success

Michelle Clancy | 22-08-2012

The Hunger Games has accounted for an estimated 3.8 million DVD and Blu-ray units sold in its first weekend of home entertainment release, continuing the momentum it demonstrated in generating more than $407 million at the North American box office, which made it the 13th highest grossing North American release of all time.

Lionsgate announced that the film was also the largest digital and on-demand launch in the company's history, generating the biggest first day sales of any title on Zune Video on Xbox, achieving more first day transactions on Comcast than any title in the past four years and generating record Lionsgate revenue on iTunes.
"Our motion picture event of the year is translating into a home entertainment juggernaut that is already setting new digital records and demonstrating sustained playability similar to the film's remarkable long-term box office performance," said Lionsgate Executive Vice President and General Manager of Home Entertainment Ron Schwartz. "We are especially pleased to see more than one third of its first weekend units sold in the higher margin Blu-ray format, a remarkably high percentage."
The first installment of The Hunger Games has grossed nearly $700 million at the box office worldwide. The series recently passed Harry Potter as the top selling book series of all time on Amazon, taking into account print and Kindle sales combined.