Jools Holland heads to States in HD

Editor | 22-08-2012

The legendary BBC series, Later... with Jools Holland, is coming to Palladia, Viacom Media Networks' high-definition music channe in the United States. Palladia will also air the born-on-the-Internet hit "Live From Daryl's House immediately following.

"Palladia is the only network that could offer two very different, but equally brilliant, artist-centered performance series like Later... with Jools Holland and Live from Daryl's House, said Ben Zurier, executive vice president of program strategy at VH1, VH1 Classic and Palladia. "Jools is justly renowned for its lively and unpredictable shows, as a collection of hugely talented artists can share one awesome stage. Every show is an event. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, Daryl's House offers a uniquely intimate and personal setting but with just as much great music in every episode. What the shows have in common are their passionate, enthusiastic, and engaging hosts... and really fantastic performances."
Later... with Jools Holland is one of the most wide-ranging and successful music performance series of all time, now entering its twentieth season. Its format features six artists sharing one stage in front of a raucous studio audience, while host Jools Holland steers the action from performance to performance, interviewing the stars and sharing stories about the songs along the way.
Besides showcasing the best episodes from the show's catalogue, Palladia will present the U.S. television premiere of new episodes of the series in conjunction with their BBC premieres.
"I've always been proud that Later... with Jools Holland has dedicated itself to presenting great music in the highest possible quality, and most recently in high definition," said Holland. "Now, I'm very pleased that the program's unique and eclectic mix of wonderful music and guests will be showcased in HD on Palladia, which has pledged to maintain the show's exceptionally high standards."
Meanwhile, in Live From Daryl's House, musician Daryl Hall invites his favorite singer-songwriters to join him at his home studio - built into a farmhouse in Millerton, New York.

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