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    Talking jtag

    hello all veiled J " have a probléme with my visionet vn 8000 S J has " have to buy a jtag to be able to free it and J " arrives there at all so posible is what quelquun would have a tuto to know how to make to restart my demonstration mercies D " advances has all friendship indic 64

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    Re: jtag

    What is your problem exactly. But please give dettails.

    You can write me in english or in italian language.

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    Problem with Electron Dvb set top box

    I have flashed my receiver and it has since been displaying the dreadful I have bought a jtag to get it going but to no avail. I am using jkeys to do the connection. I am searching for a boot bin for the Electron receiver I believe it was using ferguson or powersky. Any help in getting the boot bin or how to proper use the jtag to repair my receiver is very much welcome. I have another question is there any better software other than jkeys or wal to revive fallen receivers?

    Thank you in advance.

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